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Custom Omnipod Cover - YOUR design on our Cover

Custom Omnipod Cover - YOUR design on our Cover

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Custom Omnipod Cover

Probably the most requested Cover to date: Custom Omnipod Covers! We are thrilled to announce we are finally able to offer Custom Omnipod Covers. This means we can print your logo/design on one of our Covers!

  • What is possible: Logo's, signs, designs, smileys, writing.
  • What is NOT possible: Photo's, pictures, designs with lots of colors.
  • We can only print on the flat upper side of the Omnipod Cover (allover printing is not possible).
  • When buying more the design will be the same but every color of the Omnipod Cover can be different. For example, the logo/image you requested on 3 different colored Covers.


The covers are made of skin friendly material and are safe for everyone. They’re completely PVC-, BPA-, and latexfree.

You can do everything you would normally do with your device while wearing a cover. You never have to take it off! You can swim, sleep, do sports and shower without having to remove the cover. They won’t slip off easily due the material they’re made of.


The covers are of high quality and meant to last a lifetime.

Strong and Flexible

Compatible with all the Omnipods!

This Omnipod pod Cover fits the Omnipod, Omnipod Dash and Omnipod 5. The case is reusable which means it lasts longer than an Omnipod Sticker or Omnipod Patch. This Omnipod accessory is specifically meant for the Pod not the Omnipod PDM (Personal Diabetes Manager).


The cover fits perfectly on your Omnipod, weighs next to nothing and the material feels soft to the touch. You won’t even know you’re wearing one!


The wireless connection won’t be affected by wearing a cover.
SugarFam is not liable for devices not working properly. The cover and the material they’re made of could never cause a failure / won’t affect the functioning of the device.
A cover adds a little protection but this is not something we can guarantee.

This listing does not include the Omnipod itself, only a reusable case for the Omnipod. There are all kinds of diabetes accessories available, for example: Omnipod Stickers, Patches, Sleeves and Bands. But we don’t offer these as they are not always as reusable as we would want. We only offer pump covers in all kinds of colors. One of the great things is you can wear them together with an Omnipod adhesive patch.

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🚚 Shipping Custom Cover

The custom Cover has a transit time (time to produce and ship) of 4-8 weeks and a shipment time of max. 12 business days (same as normal). Unfortunately there is a big difference between the amount of weeks the production can take but we will always try to aim for the fastest production time.


Some of the designs we previously made.

We will guide you!

Of course we will guide and help you with creating the perfect design. If you have an amazing (and detailed 😉) idea but not the exact image yet, we can help you with this. We will always be in touch after you place the order, if you have a detailed concept/idea we can help you faster. If you have a very complex or crazy idea, please be in touch before ordering. Think of it as getting a tattoo, but for your Omnipod!

Base Colors you can use to print on.