Together we’re coloring diabetes

Something you always wear and keeps you healthy should look the way you want it to! 

Colorful covers for your devices!  

We have a beautiful collection covers for the Omnipod and FreeStyle Libre. There’s one for everyone;  subtle colors to make your pump or sensor less noticeable, or a color that pops to match your outfit. Transform your device into an accessory you can wear with pride!

Our covers are of high quality and meant to last a lifetime: The most important part: they are reusable
The cases are made from a very sturdy material and virtually indestructible.
They are flexible, which makes them very convenient to use.
They’re easy to apply and remove, even if the pump or sensor is already in place. 
They are comfortable.
The covers weigh next to nothing and the material feels soft to the touch. You won’t even know you’re wearing one!
The covers are also completely safe to wear: they’re pvc-, bpa- and latex-free.
They fit perfectly on the Omnipod, Omnipod DASH en FreeStyle Libre.
They won’t slip off easily due the material they’re made of.

And, last but not least: you can do everything you would normally do with your device while wearing a cover.You never have to take it off! You can swim, sleep, do sports and shower without having to remove the cover.  

The wireless connection won’t be affected by wearing a cover.


Who are we and why are we doing all this?

SugarFam started as a student company, being a part of our higher education curriculum in which you have to start a business, think of new product and launch it into the world. All in a time period of six months. 
In the first week of this project, our colleague told us that she was a type one diabetic using the Omnipod. 
This came as a surprise to us, she never told anything about her diabetes and no one knew! She was ashamed by the medical look of the pump and always tried to hide it under her clothes.  
The Omnipod felt like an advertisement for having an illness; you always feel a little different than everyone else. 
Having diabetes is forever, and a way to ease and even brighten it up a bit should be possible, right?
Stickers to put on the Omnipod were already available, but since you have to change the pump every three days, you’d lose the sticker with it. 

The solution? Reusable covers! 
Over a period of six months we developed our first range of covers for the Omnipod. We received so many lovely, heartwarming and touching stories of our customers that we decided to continue with SugarFam as a business. And with succes!

Now, two years down the road, we have a colorful collection of beautiful covers and happy customers from all over the world. 
The most frequently asked question we received: are you going to make covers for other devices? 
We would love to bring color in the lives of everyone, and the biggest wish of our customers was a cover for the FreeStyle Libre. By now we can proudly tell you that we added our first range of FreeStyle Libre covers to the SugarFam collection! 

Our team