Additional Shipping Information

On this page we will describe what you need to do when you suspect your shipment is delayed. 

Always keep in mind the following shipment rules: 

When you order a product from us, we will send it within 3 business days. This means that we transfer the product to PostNL within 3 working days. Worldwide shipping estimation:

  • Europe: 5- 10 days
    • United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Ireland
  • United States & Canada: 7-12 days

The days listed above are an estimation, this means your local post supplier could take longer. So, please wait a few days longer before contacting us. 

I waited a few days, still no package!

If you waited a few days longer then the estimated delivery date, please contact us with the following information:

  • Name:
  • Order number: 
  • Order date: 

We will look into it and supply you with the information we have. Our international packages do not have any tracking information as our local post office does not supply these on international letterbox parcels. 

Important message regarding Covid-19:

At the moment there are some big delays with international shipping due to the whole Covid-19 situation. 

Even though in some countries it looks like the curve has flattened, the post offices are still clearing up there backlogs and catching up on a lot of international packages. 

We have seen packages to the US that ook over a month to be delivered. 

We are sorry for this inconvenience but there is not much we can do about this situation. We hope for your understanding.