FreeStyle Libre Cover - Bundle - Bubblicious

FreeStyle Libre Cover - Bundle - Bubblicious

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**ATTENTION: The price is this low because the quality is different than you have come to expect of our OmniPod Covers. Read the whole statement here.

Color your diabetes with this collection of FreeStyle Libre Covers!

Endlessly reusable, easy to use and made from a strong, flexible material. The cover fits perfectly, feels soft to the touch and weighs next to nothing.

SugarFam FreeStyle Libre Cover - Bundle - Bubblicious 

Bundle Items:
FreeStyle Libre Cover - Hard Pink
FreeStyle Libre Cover - Light Pink
FreeStyle Libre Cover - Purple
FreeStyle Libre Cover - Red

Every single FreeStyle Libre Cover brightens up your FreeStyle Libre! SugarFam believes that something you always wear and keeps you healthy, should look the way you want it to. A subtle color that makes your device a little less noticeable, or a color that pops to match your outfit. Transform your device in to an accessory you can wear with pride!


The covers are of high quality and meant to last a lifetime.

Strong & Flexible

The covers are made of a sturdy, flexible plastic. This makes them very convenient to use: they’re easy to apply and remove, even if the pump or sensor is already in place.


The cover fits perfectly on your device, weighs next to nothing and the material feels soft to the touch. You won’t even know you’re wearing one!


The covers are made of skin friendly material and are safe for everyone. They’re completely PVC-, BPA-, and latexfree.

You can do everything you would normally do with your device while wearing a cover. You never have to take it off! You can swim, sleep, do sports and shower without having to remove the cover.They won’t slip off easily due the material they’re made of.


The wireless connection won’t be affected by wearing a cover.

SugarFam is not liable for devices not working properly. The cover and the material they’re made of could never cause a failure / won’t affect the functioning of the device.

A cover adds a little protection but this is not something we can not guarantee.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Marij Schipperen

Eindelijk nog meer matchende kleurtjes voor bij de Omnipod covers! Love it! ❤️

Catja Lier-Fossen
Mooi product

Mooi van kleur, past bij de covers van de pomp. Makkelijk te plaatsen en te verwijderen.