FreeStyle Libre Covers Offline

With pain in our hearts we’ve decided to temporarily remove the FSL Covers from our webshop.

A small portion of our customers experienced the covers slipping and falling off easily with losing them as a result. This is far from our intention and should not have happened.

Because we never intend to disappoint anyone, we’ve chosen to take them offline for now.

Below we want to explain how this could have happened and what we’re going to do to fix this.

Development FSL Cover

After the Omnipod Cover the most asked question we received was if we were going to develop covers for other diabetes-devices. Because our mission is to make as many people happy as possible, we choose the FreeStyle Libre as our next device to develop covers for.

In the summer of last year we started the development of the FSL covers.

They are made through injection moulding; this is a production process where the liquid material gets shot into a mould, and after cooling the finished product gets pushed out.

It’s quite a process to develop a mould that’s perfect. How’s the finished product going to look? What are the options, what works best? Then you’ll need to make the technical drawings, check everything immensely. After everything’s correct the mould gets made.

End of last year we received the first range of covers. They were a little too big and fell off the FSL immediately. We corrected our mould and the second run satisfied the requirements we were looking for.

Quality and testing

Because we always strive to deliver the best quality possible, the covers have been tested extensively before releasing them. We worn the Freestyle Libre including a cover for two weeks. We checked if they were easy to apply and remove, if they stay in place when getting (un)dressed, and if they stayed on after sleeping and showering.

This test-phase went fantastic: these whole two weeks the covers never fell off. We couldn’t be happier; they’re perfect!

We started production right away and could not wait to make everybody as happy as possible.

Now, a month after the initial release, it appears that a part of the batch FSL covers is not as perfect as we thought. There has been an error in the production process what causes the covers to fall off the sensor.

How could this happen?

The Omnipod Covers have a small ridge at the bottom that makes the cover ‘click’ in place. We choose to leave this off with the FSL covers, because there’s a small risk that when removing the cover the canula would lift too high and out of the body. This makes the sensor unusable and that should never happen.

To make sure the FSL would stay in place, the design is based on tension. It’s designed to fit as tight as possible to clamp around the sensor and stays in place this way. This needs to be very accurate to make it work. Sadly there’s a part of the batch that had a small error in production, which leads to the covers not fitting perfectly and falling off.

We’re going to fix this!

Everyone deserves to be happy and there’s no need for any more disappointment. For now the FSL Covers are offline and cannot be ordered.

Our next step is to adjust and modify the mould in a way the covers will stay put.

The next step:

We need your help and feedback!

Have you received a cover that slips or falls off easily?

Please check the following things:

  • Check if your FreeStyle Libre is a bit oily. This can happen when wearing the FSL for a while, and this can cause the cover to slide.
  • During what sort of activity did the cover slip/fall off? Was it when used normally or extensively?
  • Could there be some moisture between the sensor and cover? This could contribute to the sliding of the cover.

If the reason of your cover falling off is not one of the before mentioned we would like to fix this issue for you, please email us at with the following details: .

  • Order number or name used when ordering:
  • During what activity did you lose the FSL Cover:
  • What solution would fit you best (refund or gift card for the amount you spend on FSL Covers):

We prefer a gift card you can use in our shop because it’s been a rough time (Covid-19 also hit us) , if we would have to refund a big amount of orders we might not be able to change our mould and production process. This could lead to our FSL Covers never returning.

  • Do you have any suggestions that could make our Cover better?