FreeStyle Libre Cover - Back Online Update!

Read the first update here.

The long-awaited update about our FreeStyle Libre Covers is finally here. So, without further ado let’s get into the details: 

The FSL Covers are coming back, but without any modification. 

 Almost a year ago we had to take our FSL Covers offline because they didn’t meet our quality standards; in some cases, the Cover was too loose which caused people to lose their Covers. We received a lot of support and possible solutions from you, so we went to work. For almost a year we worked on all kinds of solutions, unfortunately we failed to find the perfect solution. We can’t modify the product as the space between the FSL and the body is too small to add an extra border similar to the OmniPod.

Why online anyway

The choice to return the Covers back to our shop was a difficult one; since they do not meet our quality requirements we had a lot of doubts, thoughts and talks about this.  
Based on a few factors we decided to make the Covers available again: 
- There are a few customers who have purchased covers and still enjoy using them often. We want to offer this possibility to everyone.  
- It is not possible to recycle our purchased stock, and just throwing them away is not something we want to do. 
- Taking the Covers offline has cost our company a lot, this is a way to recoup a small part of the investment.


We decided to offer the Covers for a much lower and fair price than they originally were supposed to. It’s even below our production costs now. You now only pay €3,95 per Cover and there are all kinds of bundle offers that make it even cheaper.  
This could allow you to purchase multiple Covers: if you may unfortunately lose one, you have a spare one on hand. 

The different solutions

We first tried to add a small edge underneath that clicks around the FSLUnfortunately this turned out to be impossible due to the minimal space between the FSL and the body.  
With the OmniPod, the space between the body and the Pod is a bit larger, making this possible. 
Another possible solution would be double-sided tape. This works, but still does not guarantee that the Cover will always remain in place. In addition, this makes it impossible to change Covers in between; something we think is very important. 
We have investigated whether a strap could help, but this limits a lot of freedom and is a completely different product than a just a Cover. 
Perhaps the most promising option was Ummagrip. This is a type of double-sided tape with one side that adheres strongly (in this case to the Cover), and the other side (to put on the FSL) sticking a bit less but with the option to clean the tape after use, making it sticky again. This way the tape it’s endlessly reusable and stays sticky forever. 
Unfortunately, this material is way too strong, so there is a risk that you will pull your FSL, or the cannula of the FSL, out of your skin when removing the Cover. 

Disclaimer and warranty 

We hope you understand that this is an option we offer, and under no circumstances we expect you to feel obliged to purchase these Covers. We are happy to be able to offer this option, but we also understand that it might not be for everyone.

With this update we try to make clear that the Covers do not meet the quality standards you have come to expect of us, but this does not mean that the Covers are actually bad. They can still be a great way to add some color to your diabetes!

Because the price is so low and we are not even able to cover the costs, we cannot offer a return and warranty on this product. Obviously, from a legal point of view, for the first 30 days after purchase you have the right to revise your purchase and receive a reimbursement of the purchase amount. We will always agree with this. However, we hope this doesn’t happen too often: so know what you are buying and do not expect the same quality as our OmniPod Covers.


Corona is certainly not the reason it didn't work out, but it has made the process a lot more difficult and take longer than we hoped. As a team, we worked a lot from home, which made testing and trying out a lot more difficult. The possible adjustments to the product have also been delayed due to delays at the manufacturer and supplier of double-sided tape and Ummagrip; corona has certainly made it all take a little longer than we hoped for.